About Us

The Institute of Distance Learning and Continuing Education (IDCE) is a centre of excellence in the delivery of flexible learning opportunities in Science, Technology and Entrepreneurship education on the principles of anytime, anywhere, student-focused, and learning-centered education which satisfy every circumstance and requirement in Ghana.

Our programs aims at increasing access to educational opportunities and to serve those who are underserved. As we know, emerging learning technologies has unleashed new opportunities and frontiers in higher education for countless number of Ghanaians who otherwise would have had no access to tertiary education. It is therefore imperative for the Institute of Distance Learning and Continuing Education to meet this new norm by improving quality and accessibility to KsTU programs.

We provide students with clear, complete, and timely information on the curriculum, course and degree requirements, nature of Faculty and student interaction, prerequisite technological competencies and skills, technical equipment requirements, availability of academic and student support services, financial aid resources, and costs and payment policies.

We provide a high-quality, integrated and sustainable, learning experience to our students.

Presently, the institute comprise of four divisions, namely:

  • Distance Learning Division
  • Parallel Programmes Division
  • Diploma and Non-Tertiary Programmes Division
  • Professional Programmes Division