Departments of IDCE

Distance Learning Division

The Distance Learning Division is in charge of off-campus distance learning. This is aimed at making the programmes of the University available to prospective students who may be too far away and/or for some other reasons are unable to commute regularly to the University campus for lecture.

Parallel Programs Division

The Parallel Programmes Division offers the University’s full-time programmes (Degree and HND programmes) at the tertiary level to prospective students who can only attend lectures on the University campus in the evenings and weekends.

Diploma and Technician Programs Division

The Diploma and Technician Programs Division are in charge of all the Technicians and Diploma programs that are organized on campus.

The Division runs the Diploma Program and Technician and Other Programs with certification from NABPTEX, Technical Education Unit and other awarding Institutions.

Professional Development Division

This Division prepares students for professional programmes for Certified Local and International Examinations. The Division also runs the Kumasi Technical University’s Professional Programs.